Information for High School Students

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Welcome, students! We applaud your efforts to plan for a future that includes higher education!

The South Carolina Transfer and Articulation Center (SC TRAC), is an interactive, web-based system that helps meet the college transfer needs of students like you who are enrolled in or about to enter one of South Carolina’s public colleges or universities. The system's three primary goals can help you to:

  • Finish a degree faster, thereby saving money and time;
  • Make better choices and avoid taking courses that will not count toward a degree; and
  • Join the workforce earlier and become part of the state’s economic engine.

College-bound high school students can use SC TRAC as a planning tool to:

  • Learn about and connect to each SC public college and university by viewing their profiles.
  • Learn about the programs (majors, minors, and concentrations) and degrees offered at each public college and university.
  • Search for transfer agreements between and among specific public institutions;
  • Discover how college credit can be awarded for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level exams by using the search for exam equivalencies function. AP and IB exams are a great way to save money on college costs by earning college credits even before you enroll. All public colleges and universities in South Carolina award credit for AP exams with scores of three or higher. Scores of four and five will often earn additional college credits. All public colleges and universities in South Carolina award college credits for International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level exams with a score of four or higher. Often, scores of five, six, or seven will earn additional college credits and it is not unusual for a score of seven to earn credits equivalent to two or three college courses.
  • Find out how college credit can be awarded for dual enrollment and other college courses taken while in high school using the search for course equivalencies function. Enrolling in dual enrollment course and other college courses while in high school is a great way to get a head start on meeting college degree requirements. The list of South Carolina Universally Transferable Courses shows all courses which are guaranteed by state policy to transfer among and between public colleges and universities in the state. You may find it useful to refer to this list when considering enrolling in college courses.

Important note: Courses offered in high school in which a student may earn college credit are highly advanced; students and parents should speak with the high school counselor when deciding or planning what classes would be best for them to take.

Additional Resources

Need Help Using SC TRAC?

You can learn more about using SC TRAC by accessing the video tutorial or the user guides.